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Bobbie Woods is the current President and one of the founding members of Mamas Against Violence. In 2011, Bobbie received her Bachelor Degree from Bethel College. She works as an Administrative Assistant for A Beautiful Mind, a Psychological and Counseling Agency. However, her passion lies with MAV. A South Bend native, Bobbie is very involved in the community. She serves as a board member for St. Joseph County Department of Correction (DOC), is a member of South Bend Group Violence Intervention (SBGVI), and a spoke person for the call-in initiates.  Additionally, Bobbie is a member of the St. Joseph County African American Democratic Coalition (SJCAADC) and a part of Women Across the Nation Making a Difference (WANMAD), a national organization against gun violence.

Bobbie and her husband, Anthony Woods, have been married  for 43 years. They have two daughters, Sonya and Ornesha, and one son named Terrill. On February 7, 2003, Terrill Woods was murdered in downtown South Bend.  A year after his death, Bobbie and four other women formed the organization Mamas Against Violence (MAV).  For the past fourteen years she has dedicated her life to providing support for grieving mothers, victim's families, and helping to educate the community about the effects of gun violence by speaking at schools, churches, and community events. 


Bobbie believes that if she can help prevent one mother from losing a child as a result of senseless violence, then it’s worth all her efforts. Her motto is "If I could touch just one life."

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